Fintech® is now an endorsed member program, offering OneSource solutions for your alcohol beverage purchasing. They offer a secure, electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment system that ensures invoice payments are made on-time and in compliance with the liquor laws outlined by the State of Michigan. 

By revolutionizing the alcohol payment process with automatic payments, Fintech® provides businesses the comfort of knowing their invoice payments are automatically scheduled and can be conveniently viewed at any time.

Alcohol deliveries are made to retail locations as normal – only a signature is required.
  • After a Distributor makes a delivery, they’ll submit their  invoice electronically to Fintech®  for payment.
  • Funds are transferred directly from the retailer’s bank to the distributor's bank according to invoice due date.
  • Fintech®  then provides data and reporting for both  restaurant and distributor.
Fintech offers MRA special rates for their services: 
  • 50% off regular pricing for MRA members
  • Reduced monthly service charges for MRA members
  • Free 30 day trial!
For additional information, please contact Pam Sawatzki, Member Services Administrator, at 800-968-9668 x3940 or by email at